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In this 90 minute digital workshop I outline a sustainable and simple sales strategy to help an individual or a team deliver sustainable results quickly and over time leveraging a simple process that works in large as well as smaller companies. You will see how to identify and breakdown into simple components leveraging this simple sales plan by defining the structure. Includes sales tools, a sales plan template and key strategies to improve sales results.

  • easy to execute

    All you need is a few hours, my simple sales template and a clear view into your business. This will help you get focus, determine next steps and execute for one or for many.

  • Set up in less than 2 Hours

    A structure that you can implement immediately, share with a team and use over and over . Includes instruction and tools with a simple sales plan template.

  • A Simple Sales Template

    Leverage a simple sales template to get an accurate and actionable view into your sales pipeline.


    Train your whole Sales Team. Use as many times as you like for Sales Meetings, On-boarding New Reps or Individual Training.

100% Guaranteed – Money Back


A Complete Sales Plan


Meet Mary!! Ever wonder how some sales people make it look easy? Find out why Principles TRUMP Personalities!


With this strategy you will learn how to move prospects to customers, existing accounts to growth and marginal accounts to improved profitability with consistent and measurable results.


Understand the difference between tactics and strategy. The program outlines when to use the right sales tactic at the right time. Don’t confuse activity with results!

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Let THEM tell YOU!

  • “Hi Bob, I’ve just now sat thru the simple sales strategy (presentation). I said to myself as I sat here pondering ”this is excellent”. Nice job.
    Mark Triller
    President of Triller Print Source & Services in Rutland, VT
  • “Your approach to analyzing and ranking prospects in the pipeline has given us a structure and common vocabulary for discussion and analysis”
    Dave Granato
    CEO at Stars Information Solutions
  • His approach focuses on making sure that you know which potential customers are worth the effort of calling – loved that!
    Deborah L. Kerr
    PhD Partner affintus llc

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When your Prospect goes DARK !

One of the questions I receive most often during a Q&A after a public presentation is “What do I do when my Prospect goes “Dark”.  I’m very practical. My system sales system (a simple sales plan) is very practical. So here are four simple and practical ways to deal with the situation. The three stages…


Why your 2018 is Going to Suck!

OK, a little sensational maybe. Mean? Ok, I’ll temper it a little bit. Your 2018 might be good.. even great. But what if it could be “Gooder” or Greater? What I suggest is that you consider a SIMPLE to execute, day in – day out PLAN that WORKS. If you are not focused on your…


sales plan template

The Theory of Holes !

Rule 1 – When you’re in a hole, stop digging. The market is growing. Your losing to your competitors on “price”. There are variable uncertainties in the future. You’re not growing in revenue and/or as profitable as you have forecasted. You’re in a Hole. The first step is acknowledging just that. You’re in a Hole.…


Squeezing more from the Orange!

It is no surprise with a strengthening economy that one of the most pressing issues I am hearing from SMB Owners is hiring good people. Specifically in my case… good sales people. In a previous post Hiring Your Next Sales KNUCKLEHEAD! I talk about how you might go about that, but now I turn my attention…


The Sales Epic Fail !!

OK, a little sensational maybe. Epic? More like failure on the installment plan. It is the desire to succeed without the results. It is the Pareto Sales Guy or Gal. The 80% of the sales reps that bring 20% of the business. That is a FAIL. Maybe even epic. Why work hard and not get…


Hiring Your Next Sales KNUCKLEHEAD!

My thoughts on DIY Hiring for Sales People. I think it is safe to say that most small and medium business owners rely on doing the sales hiring themselves. I get it. I’m not 100% sure that it is the best way, but I get it. This might be a way for you to take…


Thought-Through Sales Strategy and Sales Training

I learned to sell from Dr. W. Edwards Deming the American statistician, college professor, author, lecturer, and consultant. Strange huh? Dr. Deming is known for saying “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”. I learned that effective and efficient sales training and sales management requires measurements using a defined sales plan template and sales pipeline. I have had an…


The True Cost of a Sales Lead

A “lead” has value. It cost money to exist and will cost more to nurture. And if it is an unqualified lead, the more time, money and effort that is extended, the more underperforming it becomes. What of that solid lead or potential account that has been or is being “worked on” or “I left…


sales plan template

Sales Plan Templates that Suck!

Well!! A little strong you might think? Is it really? That sound is your hard dollars going right out the window. Here is another great sales training idea – lets provide that training when your prospects are buying and then we can add the cost of lost opportunity to the sales training and get an…


“Go Get ‘Em Tiger” is not a sales plan!

I love to tell the story of my typical client. She builds a company on a real passion for the widget. The passion is her sales strategy. She is so passionate and enthusiastic she brings down a few accounts and starts to grow. She has not had a day of sales training. The passion and…


How not to confuse activity with results – a Simple Sales Plan Template

I was thinking the other day about my consulting practice and what others are doing in the sales training space. I was wondering what I do that keeps my clients engaged (and paying my invoices!). The answer is that I provide a strategic sales plans with specific tactical sales training that works dependent on what is…